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Next-generation iPS banking

Next Generation iPS Banking

What is next-generation iPS banking?

Next-generation iPS banking involves taking blood samples from customers to prepare for future risks.

This is a service that produces and stores iPS cells.

Why iPS banking?

Currently, clinical trials and research using iPS cells for a variety of diseases are underway.

If I had my own iPS cells, I could use them in the future if they were approved for use in treatment and I needed them for an illness or injury.

It is believed that this will soon be possible to use in treatment.

Benefits of choosing us

Modern Architecture


Careful counseling

We will provide thorough counseling at the clinic attached to the research institute and then draw up a contract.

When conducting iPS banking

We can resolve your concerns and questions.


Creating iPS cells from blood

iPS cells are produced from blood safely collected at the clinic.

From collection to production of iPS cells, all procedures are carried out according to clinical standards under the supervision of a physician .


Measures against cancer risk

Safety is of utmost importance when producing iPS cells .

At our institute, we use a production method that has been reported to have a low risk of cancer.

Steps to iPS banking

You can apply on our website .

To manufacture iPS cells, you will need to actually come to our clinic, which is attached to our institute.

At this time, a doctor will examine and test you, and if it is safe to do so,

This is the procedure for iPS cell banking.

In addition, your blood will be taken at the clinic for iPS cell banking.

Please rest assured that we have a system in place to ensure safe intake.

Counseling at M Regenerative Clinic


Book a consultation



Doctor counseling and contract



Blood sampling and blood testing



iPS cell production​



Quality check​



Stored in banking



Checking quality


Clinic waiting room

Counseling and other services are provided here.

Clinic examination room

Doctors will explain this here.


Clinic operating room

This is where your blood will be taken.


Work at the CPC

Work at the CPC

iPS cell production in our institute​​

It takes several months to produce iPS cells at our institute.

From start to finish, the clinic is certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan.

We use reagents that meet clinical safety standards at our cell processing facility (CPC).

In addition to producing iPS cells, we also measure their differentiation potential to gauge their capabilities.

We will create your iPS cells to prepare for future risks.
Please feel free to contact us.

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