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Shaping the futurewith regenerative medicine

The Institute of Life Sciences is preparing for future riskswith cutting-edge regenerative medicine.


Unprecedented risk hedging

Utilizing cutting-edge technology

The power of regenerative medicine

The future of medicine is evolving rapidly.

iPS cell banking prepares you for future disease risks, and our proprietary stem cell culture supernatant with minimal side effects will brighten your future.

If you want custom-made regenerative medicine, come to our institute.

We don't know what diseases we will develop in the future. Furthermore, cutting-edge knowledge and medical technology will continue to advance, and laws and regulations will change.

Based on knowledge of regenerative medicine for a healthy future, we will work to create iPS cells that are as custom-made as possible to meet your wishes.


LSI's iPS cell creation
Four points


"Safely store iPS cells"


Our institute is a facility that meets strict GMP standards* . All iPS cells are created based on safety standards for clinical use. In addition, our processes are strictly controlled and no animal-derived materials are used. Our unique research leads to new possibilities for iPS cells.

GMP standard: "Good Manufacturing Practice"
In Japanese, it is called "Standards for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Quality Control."



"Unity of medical institutions and research institutes"


Regulations regarding regenerative medicine are complex, and if the integrity of medical institutions and laboratories is compromised, safe storage may not be possible. Our clinic is a clinic with a research institute attached, and we carry out all processes from cell collection to iPS cell creation in our own facility.



" Review by the Special Certified Regenerative Medicine Committee run by our institute "


In order to actually use the iPS cells we have created, we must follow the screening procedures established by the government. We will create a treatment plan based on your future needs and submit it to the Regenerative Medicine Committee.



"We always seek out cutting-edge methods and customize according to your needs."


We understand that our customers have a wide range of needs, and we incorporate cutting-edge knowledge to provide customized cell preparations to meet your individual health needs.


About Us

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5-4-10 Shimotakaido, Suginami-ku, Tokyo


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